The Contemporary Carnival Glass Web Site was formed to help you find more information on the Contemporary Carnival Glass. You will find many very interesting and informational articles throughout the site. So Grab a cup of coffee sit back and relax and have fun. The web site is dedicated to the further education of collectible contemporary carnival glass.

Listed below are glass companies and a brief story of their history and samples of carnival glass. Although, my main focus will be on carnival glass that was made during the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s. Within each of the glass companies there are links that will take you to articles on rare items made by that glass company in carnival glass, crystal, milkglass, opalescent glass, and slag glass. You will also find links that will take you to carnival glass identification and values.

Fenton Glass Imperial Glass
Westmoreland Glass St. Clair Glass
Degenhart Glass Robert Hansen Glass
Terry Crider Glass Indiana Glass
Smith Glass L.G. Wright Glass
Northwood Art Glass Summit Art Glass

Articles on Carnival Glass Rarities

This is where you will find articles on contemporary carnival glass
that was made by different manufactures than above.

Famous carnival glass personalities and their stories. The collectors below dedicated most of their lives to the fun of educating and the collecting of carnival glass. They have written books and many articles on the subject.

Rose Presznick Contemporary Carnival Glass / Dorothy TaylorDorothy Taylor

Contemporary Carnival Glass / E.Ward RussellE. Ward Russell

Contemporary Carnival Glass offers a place to list their contemporary carnival glass "For Sale" or "Wanted Glass."

Public Glass For Sale Listing

Public Wanted Glass Listing

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