by: John Valentine

Below you will find many articles on glass that 
was produced by other manufactures.
These companies had made glass in the 60s thru the 80s.
I hope this information proves useful in your hunt for rarities in 
contemporary carnival glass.

Wild Rose Lamp Shade

The shade "Wild Rose" was made for Levay Glass Distributing Company by Crescent Art Glass in the early 1980s. They were made in a very limited production for Levay, number not given. They were sold 3 different ways by Levay; 1) Two arm heavy 20" lamp with an antique brass finish, 2 shades included; 2) 15" Lily Pad base desk lamp with an antique brass finish, one shade included; 3) The 2 1/4" Fitter - 5 1/4" tall - 5" diam shade by its self. The shades were sold in a viriaty of different colors some carnival and some were not. These colors were; Red Carnival, Cobalt Carnival, Crystal Satin, Amber Satin, Deep Ruby, Golden Amber and Red Satin.

Wild Rose lamp shade in Red Carnival would have a value between $55.00 - $65.00 Each
Wild Rose lamp shade in Cobalt Blue Carnival would have a value between $35.00 - $45.00 Each
Wild Rose lamp shade in other non carnival colors would have a value between $35.00 - $55.00 Each



This is quite an unusual piece of carnival glass. The paperweight was hand made by Wheatoncraft in a medium blue with outstanding iridescence. The shark paperweight over the years has been named "JAWS", and just by looking at him you know why. "JAWS" is 5" tall with a 5 3/4" base that looks like water. This I am sure will be a very sought after piece. Not to many around.
VALUE $75.00 Plus

Wetzel Grape Lamps

This has got to be one of the most fascinating little lamps in contemporary carnival glass. The "Grape & Cable" electric candle stick lamp was made by Wetzel Glass Company for Sherman Hand. The story behind the LAMP was. Robert Wetzel was a very well known mould maker and the owner of his own glass company "Wetzel Glass." Both Robert & Sherman had been friends over time. When Sherman knew that Robert opened his own glass factory. Sherman went to Robert and challenged him to make a new "Grape & Cable" lamp, and it was to be electric, and different from the old. Robert done just that, he made the mould and produced the 14" tall electric candle stick lamp in many different colors. None of which was mass produced, these were all very limited and there were quite a few samples that were made in odd colors. The colors that are known are; amber carnival, ice blue carnival, green carnival, cobalt carnival, and ultra blue carnival with amethyst iridescence. These little lamps are quite a rare find today, if you have one you are lucky.
Average Value between $275.00 - $350.00


Inverted Strawberry 7 Piece Water Set

Quite an interesting set. The Inverted Strawberry 7 piece water set was made by Guernsey Glass Company. The water sets were made in amethyst carnival, cobalt blue carnival and sapphire blue carnival. Very few were produced in carnival, the number of each is unknown. Each set was trade marked with a " B " on the inside bottom of each tumbler and the outside bottom of the pitcher. The " B " stood for "Bennett." The water pitcher is 7" tall with a top opening of  4 3/4", each tumbler is 4" tall with a slightly flared top opening of  3 1/16". The iridescence is radium and very beautiful. A complete set is very hard to find today.
VALUE $200.00 - $275.00


Gibson Iris 7 piece water set

This very beautiful set was made by Gibson Glass Company. Gibson over the years had made this set in many different colors. Each and every set was limited to 75 or less made, the sets are stamped with the "Gibson" trade mark on the bottom of each piece and then dated. Gibson had leased this mould from LG Wright Glass, now that LG Wright has gone out of business, the moulds were returned in June of 1999 and sold to the highest bidder at LG Wright's auction. Making this set that was made by Gibson a very collectable and prized set to have. The colors that were produced were; Milkglass Iridesized, Vaseline Carnival, Cobalt Blue Carnival, Red Carnival, Lavender Carnival, Custard Carnival, Roselene Carnival, Burmese Carnival, Purple Slag Carnival, Green Carnival, Teal Carnival, Crystal Lusture Carnival, and Dusty Rose Carnival. The pitcher stands 12 1/4" tall, the tumblers stand 4 3/4" tall, both the pitchers and the tumblers will vary in size. These sets even today could be classified as being rare and hard to find. Gibson had done a very beautiful job in making the Heavy Iris water sets. The iridescence and the pattern are outstanding.

Values Between $250.00 - $500.00

Gibson Wine Set

This is an outstanding example of "Gibson Glass." If you are a collector of Gibson you know most all of his glass is hand made and blown free hand. This 8 piece wine set was hand made by Gibson in 1977 in the Crackle pattern in green carnival. There are 6 complete sets that are known. Each set is hand signed "Gibson" and then dated 1977. The bottle with stopper is  13 3/4" tall, each wine is 3" tall. The set was very beautifully iridesized, it has the look of old carnival. A very rare set and very hard to find. You will be lucky to find one.
VALUE $350.00 Plus


These two glass cards are two more examples of what the Wetzel Glass company made back in the 1980s. I call these cards because that is what they are meant to be. Robert Wetzel made these little cards to give out at Easter time and Christmas time to his dealers and customers. The top card is a Christmas card in green carnival which depicts a rabbit talking to a bird in the tree, on the bottom in the frame it says "MERRY CHRISTMAS". The card is trade marked on the back top right hand corner with a small "W" and the size is 4 inches by 4 inches and a little less than 1/4 inches thick. The card on the bottom is an  Easter Card in amethyst carnival which depicts a little girl putting a baby bird back into its nest. On the card it says "HAPPY EASTER". This card is also trade marked on the back lower left corner which says "WETZEL 83" and the card size is 4 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches and a little less than 1/4 inch thick. The cards were made in various different colors, some of the colors might be cobalt, white, amber and many more. The cards are not reproductions of anything made in old carnival, Robert Wetzel made all of his own moulds and glass, these cards and all his other glass will sure to become treasures of the future.

When it came to cards Wetzel was quite famous for one, if you are lucky to run across his glass business cards then you may have very found an excellent addition to your collection. He had his very own business card done in glass, you can find these in many many carnival colors and plan glass. Robert would give these out to dealers and customers who would visit or place orders with his glass company. The size of the card is   1 1/2 inches in width and 3 1/2 inches in length and a little less than 1/4 inch thick.

Easter Cards would have a value between $55.00 Plus
Christmas Cards would have a value between $65.00 Plus
Business Cards would have a value between $50.00 Plus

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