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Electric Blue Carnival Made for Levay Glass / Poppy Show Vases (Singleton Baliey)

Purple Stretch Carnival Made for Levay Glass

The Story of "MIMI, Inc." Sunset Carnival (Red) Cactus Made for Levay Glass

Regal Iris Gone With The Wind Lamps


by: John Valentine

In 1984 Fenton was commissioned by the American Carnival Glass Club to make in a very limited edition the "Seacoast" pattern spittoon in red carnival. The club had also ask Fenton if they would make them some special pieces of glass "Whimsys" to sell at the time of their convention. This little pitcher in the Seacoast pattern is one of those whimsy type pieces that were made. This is a one of a kind piece, because each and everyone of the whimsys were different. On the bottom of the pitcher you will find the place of where the convention was held and the date, this being: "Canandaigua, NY - 1984." A very rare and sought after piece for any contemporary carnival collector. This is another one of those pieces that is very hard to determine the value. Based on the number that was made and color, the value would start some were around $150.00 and go up from there.



by: John Valentine

What makes this Lily of the Valley bell a super rare one is that there were only 3 made by Fenton Glass in red carnival. It was back in 1981 Fenton was commissioned by the Lincoln-Land Carnival Glass Club to make a limited edition run of 150 Lily of the Valley Bells in Peach Opalescent carnival as souvenirs for its convention that was being held that year. During the production, Mr. Fenton had three very special bells made in the red carnival. These three bells did bear the Fenton Trade mark as well as in the upper part of the inside of the bell had the club's initials and dated "LL-1981". The bells were 5 1/4" tall with a diameter of 4 inches. A super find and a quite rare find for the future contemporary carnival collector. Its very hard to determine a value on such a piece, knowing that there were only 3 made. I would say a starting value of $200.00, if you find one for less its a deal, and they could go for much more.


Purple Carnival
by: John Valentine

The Diamond Optic 7 piece blown water set was made in the purple carnival by Fenton for Levay Glass. The set was limited to only 75 made. This same set was also offered in another very limited edition of only 50 sets made with a small hand painted bouquet of tiny white Violets. The hand painted sets will also have the artist signature. Both sets are equal when it comes to the outstanding iridescence and quality. The pitcher stands 7 1/4" tall and the tumblers each stand 4" tall. You will find each set will also have the Fenton trade mark. Truly a rare a good find for the contemporary carnival collector. The value for the plan set would be $195.00 - $275.00. The value for the set that has the hand paint Violets would be $225.00 plus.

Fenton 1 of a kind Plate

Silversmith Plate Red Slag Carnival
By John Valentine  

This plate was No. 6 in the American Craftsman series, the Silver Smith.The plate commemorates Paul Revere the Patriot and Silversmith on the 200th anniversary of Paul Revere famous ride on April 18, 1775, started Paul Revere and William Dowes on their midnight ride to warn the country of the marching British troops to Lexington and Concord.

This plate however was a sample color that was made in Red Slag Carnival in 1975. The plate was purchased by Irene Reichard at the gift shop while visiting Fenton. Irene was told that this was possibly a one of a kind plate and that it was in the Fenton Museum and has the Museum number (50-78-21F) on the back top of the plate. If this was the only plate made in red slag carnival, it would make it a very rare find. Many thanks to Joseph Alves the now proud owner of the plate. It is hard to place a value on such a very rare item. This would would start at $200.00 or what ever a collector would be willing to pay.

Fenton Lincoln Inn & Piece Water set

Raven Carnival
by: John Valentine

The number 9003XB "Lincoln Inn" water set was hademade from the original 1928 moulds made by Fenton for Levay Glass. The water set was made in what was called "Raven Carnival" which was a very dark amethyst glass and then loaded with rainbow iridescence. The set was limited to only 500 complete sets made. The set consisted of a 7 1/2" tall water pitcher and six 4 1/2" tall tumblers. Each set was trade marked with the Fenton logo. Today a rare find. The value would be between $175.00 - $250.00.



Fenton Carnival Glass Red Poppy Carnival Glass Kerosene Lamp

By: John Valentine

The Red Carnival Poppy kerosene lamp was made by Fenton Glass for the grandchildren to offer in memory of their grandmother, Rose M. Presznick. Rose was a well known authority in the carnival glass field, whose dedication never ceased. She not only collected, she also was a curator of her own museum, as well as an educator of the collecting public through her books and numerous articles. This 16 1/2" tall (to top of chimney) lamp made by Fenton with their own original carnival glass formula in the beautiful shade of ruby red with it's rich rainbow hues of iridescence. This was to be a first in a series of three colors and limited to less than 600 each, but ended up to be the last. Only the red carnival ever was produced and there were less than 300 ever made. All the lamps are marked with the Fenton trademark and signed "In the memory of Rose Presznick" and dated 1984. If you have one you are lucky, if do do not keep looking you may come across one. The oil lamp would have a value between $300.00 to $400.00.

Sculptured Rose, Gone With the Wind

by: John Valentine

This article, I have chosen to write about a Red Carnival, Rose pattern Gone with The Wind lamp made in 1975. Over the years many glass companies were chosen to make limited items for individuals and clubs. This lamp was one of the limited items made for an individual.

 Mr. Ray Wishard of Pennsylvania. at the time was friendly with Frank Fenton of Fenton Art Glass Company of Williamstown, West Virginia. Mr. Wishard, being a collector of carnival glass and a admirer of lamps decided he would like a lamp made for himself, in a limited number. He wanted a master piece of carnival glass, which would be deep and dark in color, and stand out in anyone's collection. It was limited to 100 but in the production the batch only turned out 67. The 67 were then sent to Ray Wishard, during shipping there were 3 that broke, the remaining 64 were sold to friends and family.

 Descriptively, this lamp, is a double ball, red carnival, gone with the wind, in the sculptured roses pattern. It stands 36 inches tall. Each of the balls measure 33 inches in diameter. The base is solid brass, and weighing a total of 36 lbs..

The lamp was in Fenton's regular production, but in other colors. The red carnival was limited and is never to be produced again.

 The lamp is truly a beautiful piece of work , it will be an antique of the future.

For anyone who has one in their collection can feel lucky, if you are looking for one, good luck.

The value for this lamp if you can find one would be between $1,500.00 - Plus.

Fenton Aqua Opal Carnival Vases

Grape & Cable Aqua Opal Carnival
By John Valentine  

The two Aqua Opal Carnival vases were made by Fenton for Levay Glass. The Aqua Opal carnival is a very sought after color by collectors of the old carnival glass. All the newer Aqua Opal Carnival that was produced by Fenton was all limited productions. This will make these items as hard to find if not harder for the future collector. The vases were made from the bottom of the Grape & Cable cracker jar.  The tall vase that measures 16 1/2" tall with a 5" base and a 3 1/4" top opening has the Fenton 1980's trade mark and signed Levay and is numbered 10 of 50 made. The shorter vase that measures 12 1/2" tall with a 5" base and a 8" top opening has the Fenton 1980's trademark and signed Levay, Experimental. The Experimental could mean that it is a one of a kind or that there were very few made. You can consider yourself very lucky if you have any of the vases in your collection. Many thanks to Joseph Alves the proud owner of the vases. Today the value of these vases would be between $225.00 - $300.00 or more depending on what a collector is willing to pay to have one in their collection.

Aqua Opal Carnival

A Limited Offering for the Antique Trade

by John Valentine

"Hobnail" Aqua Opal Carnival, rarest most sought-after color of old carnival, prized above all others by the connoisseur. This limited edition color was made by Fenton in 1982 for Levay Glass Distributing Company. There were only 9 pieces in the offering in the Hobnail pattern. I have listed them as well as a picture of all the pieces made.

Description Value
1.) #3611IO / 10 Piece Champagne Punch Set $600.00 - $800.00
2.) #3645IO / 5 1/2" Bell $75.00 - $95.00
3.) #3701IO / 10" Triple Jack In The Pulpit Epergne $295.00 - $350.00
4.) #3720IO / 12" Pie Crust Crimped Banana Stand $200.00 - $275.00

5.) #3795IO / 2 3/4" Toothpick

$45.00 - $55.00
6.) #3834IO / 6 1/2" Basket $125.00 - $150.00
7.) #3863IO / 6 1/2" Cruet With Stopper $125.00 - $150.00
8.) #3869IO / 4 1/2" Mini Cruet With Stopper $95.00 - $125.00
9.) #3908IO / 7 Piece Water Set $395.00 - $450.00

Go here to view Aqua Opal Carnival. The above pieces were limited to 500 each. Because of the limited amount made, there just is not enough to go around. This Aqua Opal will someday be as sought after as the old.

Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail

By: John Valentine

This miniature child's Lemonade Set in the cranberry opalescent hobnail pattern was made by Fenton expressly for Doris Lechler. The set came with one pitcher that was 5 1/2" to 5 3/4" high and 4 cups that were 2 1/2" high with handles. There was also a French opalescent tray that was available for additional cost. This set was limited to 400 made and was produced in the early 80's. The Lemonade set was only ever produced in this color in the limited edition. It was never reproduced again. This is a very collectable set for those who come across one. This miniature set has a value from $400.00 to $500.00.

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