Welcome to the public "for sale" & "wanted" postings of the Contemporary Carnival Glass Website. I offer these pages as a service to the contemporary carnival glass collectors around the world to its members and non members. Postings will be removed after approximately one month to make room for new listings. You may repost your ad if it is removed. The postings are free, but we do ask that a few guidelines be followed:

  • All sellers must give a minimum 5 day return privilege for any glass listed on these pages. 
  • All advertisements must state a specific price that will be accepted (subject to prior sale) for each item listed.
  • All transactions must be made in $US with the seller and buyer following all applicable regulations of the country(s) involved.
  • All shipping, handling and insurance must be included in the posted price unless specifically stated otherwise in the sellers posting.
  • We ask that you contact us within 7 days of shipping that you have sold your piece(s) so we can remove it from the listings.

    The Contemporary Carnival Glass Website and proprietors are in no way responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers who make contact through this website. This forum is provided free of charge as a convenience to a anyone wishing to post contemporary Carnival Glass for sale or contemporary Carnival Glass wanted items. Buyers and Sellers are advised to proceed in an extra cautious manner with anyone with whom you are dealing. The lack of direct contact with buyers and sellers on the internet is a matter of immediate concern. If a purchase or sale is to proceed, both buyer and seller are advised to have a means of direct contact such as a phone number or home mailing address which is verified. Other than that, good luck and good shopping!!

Please send me your list of items for sale or wanted, and I will post them on the site for you. Please be sure to include your contact name and how to contact you for the items you post. You may also send links to pictures if you would like.

















If you would like to place adds for sale or wanted in the old or classic carnival glass you can go to the Woodsland Carnival Glass Website and post your listing there for Free.

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