Limited Edition White Carnival

for Levay Glass

by John Valentine

Experimental White Carnival Whimsies by Imperial Glass

The experimental whimsies in white carnival by Imperial, were made from the Tiger Lily Pitchers, Tumblers and Poppy Show Vases. Levay Glass requested the limited edition white carnival made in March of 1977. They received from Imperial approximately 30 water pitchers, 140 tumblers, and 40 Poppy Show vases. Levay Glass never had these patterns reproduced again in white carnival, they did how ever produce in different colors at a later time. A certificate of production accompanied each whimsy as they were shipped.


#484 - Whimsical Tiger Lily Tumblers

#51775 - Whimsical Poppy Show Vases

#484 - Whimsical Tiger Lily Water Pitchers


The Tiger Lily water set and the Poppy Show Vase was also a limited edition made by Imperial for Levay glass, but these were regular production. There were seconds made, they will be marked with a small "S" on the base of the glass.

#484 - Tiger Lily Water Sets Regular Production (Limited to 500 Sets)

#51775 - Poppy Show Vase (Flared Limited to 200)

#51775 - Poppy Show Vase (Crimped Limited to 200)

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