Imperial Carnival Santa Bells


Santa Bell Front
Santa Bell Back
The rare Imperial Santa Bells. On the front of the bells was Santa in his sleigh being pulled by raindeer, the back of the bell depicts a Church and also the location for the logo used. The bottom rim of the bell has Santa holding hands all around the bottom. The pictures to the right is a detailed drawling of what the bells look like.


Contemporary Carnival Glass Web SiteThe bells were first introduced by Lenox Imperial in the amethyst carnival. The amethyst carnival was a limited production of 385 pieces. This bell will be hallmarked with the (LIG) trademark. The Red carnival one was made on June 26th, 1981 which was the very last day Imperial produced items with the (LIG) hallmark. This bell was made in a very limited quantity of only 385 pieces. This one also came with a Certificate of Authenticity and signed by Lucile J. Kennedy. Both bells today are considered a very rare find.


Contemporary Carnival Glass Web SiteThe bells came back again later when Mary C. Walrath commissioned Robert Stahl in 1984, who now had control over Imperial. This was when the new trade mark was used (NI) standing for New Imperial Glass. These bells were made on the verge of the company's bankruptcy. The ones made were Crystal Lustre limited to 154 pieces, the Sky Blue, Amber and the Green were all limited to 200 pieces each. These bells all should be considered a very rare find. This was some of the last glass to be turned out of the Imperial Glass Factory.

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