Those who want the very best hairstylist in Miami are in luck. Most people, women in particular, know the true value of having the “best” haircut, hairstyle, and/or coloring service available. Not only will you subtract years from your actual age with the right cut, style and color, you will also look and feel your best. Confidence in the hairstylist charged with enhancing your appearance to the absolute ultimate in desirability of effect, can only come from someone trained in the secrets of a master hair artisan.

Be all that you can be by having the fullest expression of your beauty and looks brought to life at Joseph’s Salon in Miami.


Tracey Wooster
Master Stylist

Thursday- OFF

Friday & Saturday

"I would like to begin by saying this:

I simply love and have a profound and genuine passion for hair. I have been interested in hair, color, art, and fashion since I was a child. I could have studied anything--but my heart was in learning to use hair as an artistic medium. I believe that we should all embrace what we love and reveal our real talents. And I have a real passion and talent for working with hair."

Hair stylist Tracey Wooster is best known for her exquisite work as a master hair colorist and for her cutting & styling techniques. Having over 25 years experience Her eye for style and detail combined with her technical expertise has given her an edge for creating the ultimate expression of you! Tracey has a passion for making a difference in the world --one person at a time.

One of the primary ways that Tracey is exceptional in her craft is in her responsiveness to her client's needs. She listens carefully, offers all of her talent and skill and years of training-and then works with the client to create a very perfect vision of beautiful, luxurious hair.

You benefit richly from her years of specialized training and expertise.

Toni Toth
Master Stylist


Toni has been practicing the art of styling for over 40 years and has extensive background in hair styling both men and women. Specializing in precision cutting and with her artistic vision in color techniques Toni enjoys working with clients to come up with styles individualized all her clients’ needs. As dedicated as she is to keeping up-to-date on the latest trends, Toni is equally invested in suiting each cut and style to the face shape, personality, and overall image of the client sitting in her chair.

Like any motivated professional, Toni is constantly growing as an artist. Bringing a confidence to her work while incorporating new perspectives is one of Toni’s most valued talents. A passion for what she does, a desire to always be improving, and a calming, positive energy that makes her clients at ease combine to put Toni at the forefront of the hairstyling industry in Miami. Whether you want a contemporary classic cut or a funky avant-garde style, you are sure to be pleased with the experience you have with Toni as well as the result.


Nataly Manotas
Master Stylist

Availability: Tuesday - Saturday

For Nataly, hair styling is not merely a craft but an art through which she expresses her passion, dreams and ideals. She is a coiffeur-decorator and like every designer she is constantly evolving and growing, always on the alert for innovative products and styles. She brings her vast experience and knowledge to the collaboration between herself and her clients with one clear goal in mind: to help people feel better about their hair and themselves. Nataly listens carefully. But she also enjoys offering suggestions and ideas tailored to individual needs, eager to show clients how best to maximize strengths and minimize drawbacks. Her reward is the simple satisfaction of each person who enters Joseph’s Salon not as customers, but as collaborators and, in time, friends.

Alternatively, if you already know what you want, Nataly will listen and deftly execute the cut and color you have in mind. "As a stylist she believes in honesty, patience, creativity and hard work all functioning together to produce a beautiful end result for her clients.”

Nataly has also redefined the art of Manicure & Pedicure services, all of her services are meticulously tailored for the comfort of her clients. If you are looking for experience and expertise in a nail tech then ask for Nataly.


Sheila Berry
Master Stylist


Sheila has been in the beauty industry for 30 years. I love working with people and meeting the challenge of working with the whole picture.

She works with all aspects of hair, believing that individuality and attention to detail are key in customizing styles. She believes that hair is an extension of ones personality and is expressed through their style. She embraces eclectic and original styles both in her work and her own sense of fashion. She explains, “There is no beautiful, healthy hair color without first knowing how to take care of your hair, and I try to educate my clients on how to prolong the longevity of their result.  I always take into consideration how a specific color or colors will work with a person’s facial features, skin type, and eye color.”  Sheila specializes in Chi and Brazilian treatments and hair extensions to thicken and lengthen one’s own existing hair. Sheila says, “Bringing out the most inner beauty in a client is my goal."




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